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Retro Milestone Birthday CD Cards

Retro Milestone Birthday CD Cards – Gift Details. Milestone birthdays deserve something more than a card. So for a truly unique birthday card, why not mark the special occasion with a CD card – a stylish retro gift, featuring a 20 track CD that made the chosen decade special!. You can take the birthday boy

Retro DVD Birthday Card

Retro DVD Birthday Card – Gift Details. A DVD Gift Card from the Year of your choice!General Information. You can receive a DVD greeting card for a selected Year, featuring footage of the major events of that year. Laminated greetings card and DVD featuring top news events and personalities of the Year. Includes bonus material

Retro CD Birthday Card

Retro CD Birthday Card – Gift Details. A CD Gift Card from the Year of your choice! Do you have a favourite artist in mind that made a certain decade special to you or someone else? Keep those memories alive with this CD greeting card, available to download with your CD too!. Not only do

Talking Greeting Card

Talking Greeting Card – Gift Details . Seeking an alternative to the standard greeting card? Look no further than our Talking Greeting Cards, which you can personalise with Any Year (1943 – 1982). Your tabloid-style “Birthday Times” card features news events and stories from 60 years of British and World history, enabling the lucky birthday